Wedding Catering Menu

Assorted Sandwich Selection

Served on Brown or White Sandwiches, Mini Rolls or Wraps

Smoke Salmon & Cream Cheese,

Roast Ham & Cheddar Cheese,
Prawn Mayo & Lettuce

Roast Beef with Mustard/Horseradish,
Chicken & Salad, Cheese Salad,

Chicken & Bacon Mix

Brie & Cranberry Sauce


Accompanied By Your Choice Of Finger Canape

Mini bread bites topped with smoked salmon & cream cheese, pastrami & brie, smoked bacon & grape, blue stilton & chutney, grilled halloumi & cucumber

Accompanied By Your Choice Of Finger Nibbles

Mini Beef Yorkshires

Mini Yorkshires filled with roast beef, creme fraiche & horseradish 

Mini Burgers

Succulent Mini Beef Burgers in a Mini Soft Bun with Relish

Chicken & Chorizo Skewers

Marinated in Roast Pepper and Tomato Pesto with a Slice of Chorizo 

Mini Quiche

Assorted Mini Quiches


Selection of Mushroom, Salmon, Ham and Cheese in a Crispy Puff Pastry

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