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We believe you can taste the difference when simple, high-quality ingredients are used and fresh baked bread delivered every morning from local bakery. That's is one of the many reasons we have been in Business for more than 35 years. 

cheddar style vegan cheese
vegan chicken & sweetcorn vegan mayo

cheese & coleslaw
cheese & marmite
cheese, spring onion & Mayo
boiled egg
egg mayo
cream cheese
cream cheese & pineapple
brie, cranberry sauce & red onion
Mozzarella, Tomato & Pesto

tuna mayo
tuna mayo sweetcorn
prawn & crabstick with seafood sauce
smoke salmon & cream cheese
smoke salmon, lemon & pepper

honey glazed ham
honey glazed ham & coleslaw
honey glazed ham & cheese
honey glazed ham, cheese & coleslaw
roast Beef
corn bee
danish salami
danish salami & cheese
bacon, tomato & lettuce
bacon & egg mayo
bacon & brie
sausage & egg mayo
meatballs with spicy tomato saue
roast chicken
roast chicken & coleslaw
roast chicken & crispy bacon bits
roast chicken & stuffing
roast chicken, crispy bacon bits & stuffing
coronation chicken
italian chicken
chicken tikka
chicken & sweetcorn mayo
chicken & bacon mayo

Try our classic omelette for brunch or have with baked beans or side salad satisfying healthy lunch

Toastie & Paninis

Our delicious Bread, Panini, Wrap or Bagel perfectly golden and oozeing gooey melted cheese, everyone loves a good toastie, choose one of our classics like ham and cheese or make your own toastie.

cheddar cheese
ham & cheese
bacon & cheese

cheddar cheese
cheddar cheese & baked beans
honey glazed ham & cheese
Bacon & cheese
bacon, brie & cranberry sauce
chicken, cheese & BBQ
salami & cheese
tuna mayo & cheese
tuna crunch ( sweet peppers & sweetcorn

Salad Boxes

Choose from one of signature salads which cater for every taste or just create your own which can be as healthy or as naughty as you like!
Either way, your salad will be handmade from fresh ingredients exactly to your taste

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, sweetcorn, coleslaw, potato salad, spicy tomato pasta and any cold filling

Jacket Potatoes

Could there possibly be anyone in the wide world who doesnt droll at the thought of jacket potatoes with really crisp, crunchy skins and fluffy inside with something lovely melted into them. Our jacket potatoes are cooked every day using our special oven, this enables us to serve us scrumptious jackets that are cooked to perfection


cheddar cheese

cheddar cheese & coleslaw

baked beans & cheese

tuna & cheese

chilli cone  corne

sausage, cheese & baked beans

Pasta Boxes

Spicy Tomato Pasta Salad Cooked fusilli twists with basil, ground black pepper, chilli powder & oregano in a spiced tomato dressing with herbs.

toast with butter
toast with jam
toast with peanut butter
toast with marmite

ploughmans sandwich: roast ham, cheese, pickle & salad
amish special: chicken, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato & red onion 
andy special: chicken, rashes of bacon, cheese & BBQ sauce
carol special: italian chicken, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato & cucumber
connor Special: Chicken lettuce Mayo & hot bacon
egg mayo & crisp bacon
bacon brie & cranberry sauce

Start your day with one of our freshly cooked hot sandwich, roll or in a box so whatever your hunger level, we will get you through untill lunchtime. we cook fresh to every order so you can tell us how exactly you like your breakfast.

fried egg
scramble egg
bacon & fried egg
bacon, fried & mushroom
sausage & fried egg
sausage & fried onion
bacon & sausage
bacon, sausage & fried egg
bacon, fried egg & melted cheese

Vegan Box:2 x v. sausage, 2x h. brown, mushroom, fried tomato, beans, toast

Veggie Box: 22x egg, 2x v. sausage, hash brown, mushroom, beans, toast

The Hangover Box: Sausage, 3 x Bacon, 2x fried egg, hash brown, 2 slice of toast

All Day Breakfast Box: 2x fried egg, sausage, baked beans, 2x bacon, mushroom, 2x slice of toast


scotch egg

pork pie

sausage roll

tub of coleslaw

tub of pasta salad

tub of potato salad

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