Corporate Catering

Sandwich Plus Catering provide a wide range of corporate catering options from breakfasts, to lunches and snacks

Whether you want to make a great impression in a big meeting, or simply looking for some reasonably-priced sandwiches for your staff, our delicious, freshly-made food is guaranteed to fit the bill.

Breakfast Platters

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so our breakfast catering options are designed to be flexible so you can mix and match your own breakfast combinations to meet your own requirements.

Bagels, Wraps, Rolls

A selection of Bagels, Wraps, Rolls or a mixture of the three filled with:

Bacon & Fried Egg,
Sausage & Fried Egg,
Boiled Egg & Tomato

Croissant & Bagel

A selection of croissants & bagels filled with:

Ham & Cheese,
Smoked salmon & Cream Cheese,
Egg mayonnaise & Bacon.

Croissant & Danish Pastry

Selection of freshly baked croissants & danish pastries

Breakfast Yogurt

A yogurt pot filled with natural yogurt, topped with honey, muesli & Fruit.

Sandwich Platters

Sandwiches, wraps, rolls & bagels filled with top quality ingredients which ensure our platters taste as good as they look

All of our fillings are made fresh, our meats are hand sliced and our salad is sourced from local green grocers every mornings.

All of our platters come garnished and are available as a Sandwich selection, Wrap selection, Roll Selection or mixture of them three.

All the selection below are ideas to help you when choosing your platter, but feel free to mix and mach the fillings.


Classic Platter

Egg Mayonnaise & Cress,
Cheese Ploughmans,
Roast Chicken Salad,
Tuna & Cucumber &
Ham Salad

Premium Platter

Roast Beef Salad,
Tuna & Sweetcorn,
 Prawn Cocktail & Lettuce,
Cheese & Spring Onion,
Italian Chicken & Pepper
 Gammon & Mustard

Vegetarian Platter

Egg Mayonnaise & Cress,
Cheese Ploughmans,
Hummus Salad,
Cheese & Coleslaw,
Brie & Cranberry
Sliced Egg & Tomato.

Fish Platter

Tuna Mayo & Cucumber,
Salmon & Cream Cheese,
Prawn Cocktail
Crabsticks & Salad

Meat Platter

Roast Beef & Horseradish

Ham & Mustard

Roast Chicken & Salad

Turkey & lettuce

Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato

Lunch Platters

All of our delicious lunch platters are designed to compliment our sandwich platters & offer you the chance to really impress at your meetings.
Our range of lunch platters enables you to mix & match, so maybe you fancy an English lunch with a chicken platter or a Indian platter with potato skins, its completely up to you.
Dont forget to add some muffins, tarts or cakes from the dessert section.

Classic Savoury Selection

Scotch Egg Wedge

Pork Pie Wedge

Sausage Roll

Cocktail Sausage

Spring Rolls

Premium Savoury Selection

Scotch Egg Wedge

Pork Pie Wedge

Sausage Roll

Cocktail Sausage

Spring Rolls

Chicken Skewers

Mini Quiche

Spice Selection

Onion Bhajis

Vegetable Pakora

Vegetable Samosas

Chicken Tikka Skewers


mango chutney dip

Antipasto platter

Danish Salami, Parma ham, Roast Ham (2 slices of each per person) Olives, Feta Cheese, Hummus, Tzatziki, Vegetable Sticks, Slice of French Stick

Sharing Salad

Fresh & tasty. Our delicious salads are bursting with bright and exciting combinations.

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