Vegetarian Fillings

Choose from our deli counter to your taste

Grated or Slice Mild Cheddar Cheese, Brie, Cream Cheese, Our popular Cheese Spring Onion Mayo Mix.. Boiled, Scrambled or fried Egg, Home Made Egg Mayo Vegetarian Sausage, we have plenty sauces and salad items make any combination you like...


We have Tuna with or without Mayo, Prawns plain with mayo or cocktail sauce

Crabsticks and Smoked Salmon with lemon and black peppered,

SandwichPlus Special Signature Sandwiches

  • Ham, Cheese, Pickle & Salad

  • Egg Mayo & Crispy Bacon Bits

  • Bacon Brie & Cranberry Sauce

  • Chicken, Crispy Bacon Bits, Lettuce Tomato Red Onion & Mayo

  • Chicken, Rashers of Hot Bacon, Cheese & BBQ sauce

  • Italian Chicken, Cream Cheese, Lettuce & Tomato & Cucumber

Sandwich, Doorstep Slice, Wraps French Sticks, Baps, Rolls

Delicious sandwiches, made to order and never pre-packed. Our bread is fresh from bakery every day and we have countless ingredients and sandwich fillings for you to create your perfect sarnie. Can't choose have a look in our Sandwichplus Specials

Vegan Fillings

We offer options to our customers that choose to follow plant base diet.

They can choose any combination of salad and sauce from our deli counter to make delicious salad sandwich, our sage and onion stuffing is also vegan, we also have vegan sausage available,

Please feel free to ask any question or quick chat to find out what more available, as we have a member of staff that follows plant base diet and works to improve and  add more items to this menu, 

Meat Fillings

Variety of Choice on Meat Fillings we offer Roast Chicken, Roast Ham, Roast Turkey, Roast Beef, Corn Beef, Liver Sausage, Salami, Pate and more