Whole Sale


We aim to deliver the freshest Food To Go and provide top class customer service which you can rely on. We cater for many different dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.


We offer pre-packaged sandwiches, schools, hospitals or for other businesses for direct reselling.

  • we cater for any dietary requirements,

  • quality sandwiches with quality fresh ingredients 

  • freshly made to order

email us or ring us on 01245356712 to discuss further


Hummus & Salad





Slice Cheese & Salad

Cheese & Spring Onion Mayo Mix 

Egg Mayo

Egg Mayo & Crispy Bacon Bits

Brie & Cranberry 


Honey Glaze Ham 

Honey Glaze Ham & Slice Cheese


Chicken & Sweetcorn Mayo

Chicken Coronation

Salt Beef Mustard & Gherkin



Tuna Mayo & Sweetcorn

Prawn Mayo & Lettuce

Smoke Salmon & Cream Cheese

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